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Bangan Family

Infinity Migration Services- You helped us shape our dreams.

We were happy with what we had before, but seeing the brighter side of life and bringing BIGGER dreams come true, Infinity came in its perfect timing to provide light for us to pursue.

We had our worries and hesitations whom to entrust much financial considerations and legal documents, however, Infinity presented a genuine concern and reliant service.

Here in Australia, I dont have to be anxious as I know, I am here as a legal entity. My school is authentic and recognized by the government. I am taking Masters in Professional Accounting and able to get CPA passport to get me connected to CPA Australia even as a student. In less than a year, I can say, we achieved something towards the dream, our family is reunited, our daughter is enjoying kindergarten, acquired a car and able to meet our urgent and essential needs.

Thank you INFINITY. Dont stop spreading the good news.

Bangan Family

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